How and when do I get billed?

IBANfox charges a subscription fee and optional overage fees for using the service. There are multiple tiers of service – one free tier, and several paid tiers. These are detailed on our Pricing page.

Upon upgrading from a free tier to a paid tier

All IBANfox accounts start off on a free tier. Once you upgrade to one of our paid tiers, you need to provide a payment method and billing details. It is at this point that a subscription fee will be applied to your account. Subscription fees will subsequently be invoiced and charged on the anniversary of date upgrade date.

  • Subscription fees are invoiced and charged in advance of your month of usage.
  • Overage fees are invoiced and charged in arrears of your month of usage, and only if your usage has crossed the threshold of included requests.
For example, upon upgrading from the free tier to any paid tier, you will immediately be invoiced and charged for one month’s subscription. Once the month is over, and if your usage crossed the inclusive threshold, your next invoice will include two line items: one for the second month’s subscription, and one for the first month’s overage.

Upon upgrading from one paid tier to another

When you upgrade from one paid tier to another, more expensive paid tier, an invoice will be issued and charged immediately. This invoice will include two line items: 1.) the difference between the two subscription fees; 2.) any overage applicable at the moment of upgrade, and at the price applicable to the starting tier.

Subsequent invoices will be issued on the anniversary of the upgrade date.

Upon closing an account

When you close an account a final invoice is issued on the regular subscription invoice date. However, only one line item will be invoiced on the final invoice: any overage fees applicable to the last month of activity. If no overage occurred during the month, no invoice will be issued.

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