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$ curl "https://api.ibanfox.com/v1/ibans/\
DE89370400440532013001/validity" \
-H "apiKey: 46w4e65e4q54e6" 

    "data": {
        "iban": "DE89370400440532013001",
        "valid": false
    "status": {
        "code": 10422,
        "message": "IBAN not valid",
        "more_info": "See valid_more below"
    "valid_more": {
        "country_valid": true,
        "bban_length_valid": true,
        "iban_length_valid": true,
        "bban_format_valid": true,
        "iban_format_valid": true,
        "iban_checksum_valid": false,
        "national_checksum_valid": false,
        "iban_suggest": "DE89370400440532013000"

Full-Featured Payment Validation Suite

Our full set of features allows you to develop and deploy strong payment validation solutions. Validate and calculate IBANs as well as get all up-to-date banking information to ensure you never lose a payment again!
Official & Verified Data

We update our Data daily based on SWIFTREF's verified information as well as Central banks & regulatory bodies worldwide.

Complete IBAN Validation

our API Validates every IBAN number based on multiple check processes according to Industry standards.

Payment Data Enrichment

the API Adds Bank & Branch Data as well as Domestic account number and all extra banking information to your DB to ensure payment success.

Complete Banking Directory

A complete directory covering BIC, LEI, international clearing and sort codes for 200 countries Plus UK banks and sort codes.

Built to Scale

Robust and Secure, Built on Amazon AWS Cloud infrastructure You can Scale with ease. We got you covered.

High level Security

All servers are secured with AES 256 Encryption and physically located in the highest security grade facilities by AMAZON AWS.

Focus on your product and leave payment validation to our IBAN API

We constantly add features and make more information available on scale. The suite makes sure you can have peace of mind knowing all payment details were double checked, validated and enriched to ensure payment success!

Integrate with any ERP
Daily updated data by SWIFTREF

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